Lot 1 - TLF 7D
Angus   BD 1-05-16 
Semen tested  SC 39 cm
Sire: BSF Opportunist
Dam: Donor TLF 78Y Duff by Hobart
Big stout made bull a very clean made and complete outstanding pedigree!
Lot 2 - TLF 13D
Angus  BD 1-20-16
Semen tested  SC 41 cm
Sire: Duff Hobart
Dam: WK308
13Ds Dam is one of our top producting WK cows from Neb a maternal sister sold for $12,000. Alot of performance!


Lot 3 - TLF 39D
Angus   BD 3-10-16
Semen tested  SC 39 cm
Sire: PVF Raptor
Dam: Donor TLF Daisy 54Y by Duff Hobart
We are very high on this one! Very complete in his design an outstanding combination pedigree by two great breeding bulls of all time.
Lot 5 - TLF 45D
Simmental   BD 3-6-16
Semen tested  SC 38 cm
Sire: DSFF Hammer
Dam: Donor TLF Daisy 54Y by Duff Hobart
An outstanding half blood bull by Hammer. Sound and stout made. Very eye appealing and clean made.

Lot 6 - TLF 61D
Simmental   BD 3-11-16
Semen tested  SC 39 cm
Sire: Profit
Dam: Donor TLF Daisy 54Y by Duff Hobart
This bull is long clean fronted with clean underline. A halfblood sired by the popular Hartman sire Profit. Phenotype on this one is outstanding. (Show bull)
Lot 7 - TLF 55D
Simmental  BD 3-6-16
Semen tested  SC 38 cm
Sire: Mc Hoc Broker
Dam: GCC Sioux MSS by Irish Whiskey
A stout made halfblood out of one of the top donors in the country. A ET sister sold in our Fall Heifer Sale to Lydell Maier in TN.

Lot 8 - TLF 52D
Simmental  BD 3-22-16
Semen tested  SC 35 cm
Sire: Profit
Dam: Donor A44 by Chopper
A dark red purebred by one of the hottest bulls in the breed right now! His dam is the top selling female in Gib Yardley 2014 sale at $21,000. Outstanding Phenotype, great disposition.

Lot 9 - TLF 8D
Charolais BD 1-7-16
Semen tested  SC 42 cm
Sired by the popular Turton. This bull has a lot of red meat in him. Great testical developement and good disposition. He will add pounds to a calf crop and sire valuable replacement females. Reg # EM886946


Lot 10 - TLF 65D
Simmental  BD 3-29-16
Semen tested  SC 37 cm
Sire: Firewater
Dam: LaFraise ISLA 173
Full ET Brother to the great set of sisters that sold in TLF Fall Sale averaging $8,000. Great disposition! He is flat shouldered and clean made. Moderate frame. We think this one is an excellent breeding peice out of one of the most popular young donors in the breed. Reg # EM886944.

Dam: LaFraise Isla 173

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