January 31 : Late Summer Born Heifer Sale
February 21 : Online Bull Sale
March 14 : Fall Born Heifer and Steer Online Sale

Sale Online at Caldwell-Willoughby Sales

Selling January 31st:

Lot 1
Purebred Simmental  Tattoo: 90D
BD: 5/2/16  ASA # 3172560
Sire: Pilgrim
Dam: GLS Precious Y19

This May purebred heifer has a promising future. She will make a show heifer and future donor.

Lot 2
Angus   Tattoo: B16D
BD: 4/19/16   ASA # 18590954
Sire: B&J Journey 3142
Dam: TLF Miss El Paso (Uro)

This heifer has a great look. She will show but will also be a powerful bred female.

Lot 3
Angus  Tattoo: 58D
BD: 4/8/16   ASA # 18592655
Sire: Silverias Esguire
Dam: WK Miss Ann

Miss Ann has the design to be a competitive show heifer. Her pedigree has Style, Cabin Creek Sandy and Northern Imp. to make her a special breeding female.
Lot 4
Halfblood Simmental    Tattoo: 18D
BD: 5/25/16
Sire: TLF General
Dam: Meyer 734

Will make a show heifer and an outstanding bred female this fall.

Lot 5
Angus  Tattoo: 32D
BD: 5/2/16 
Sire: TLF General
Dam: by Duff Hobert

A Very attractive female out of an outstanding Duff Hobert cow. Will be a valuable bred.
Lot 6
Angus  Tattoo: 27D
BD: 5/10/16
Sire: TLF General
Dam: by Maxi

Very eye appealing show heifer prospect. Her dam by Maxi gives her the great hair and look.

Lot 7
Angus  Tattoo: 31D
BD: 6/21/16 
Sire: Gold Standard
Dam: Duff Hobert 56 x Maxi

Very powerful pedigree here! She will make a great addition to any breeding program. June show prospect.
Lot 8
Chi-Angus  Tattoo: 16D
BD: 6/21/16   ASA # P386571
Sire: TLF General
Dam: Chi-Angus by Maxi

This will be one of the best young Chi Angus females to sell this year. We are thinking Jr Nationals here. WOW!

Lot 9
Daddy's Lady 168
Maintainer  Tattoo: 168D
BD: 4/16/16   ASA # 473169
Sire: Daddys Money
Dam: Chi-Angus

This is an extremely well made mainetainer female. She will be a very attractive show heifer and a great bred this fall. This one is a State Fair and Jr National contender!

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